The Garage Door Studio Choice

Your door can be ordered with either half or a full hood, finishing the interior off perfectly.

Draft Protection

Darfts are greatly reduced with our patented triple side guide sealing system. Aside from reducing drafts, it makes the door much quieter during operation.

Effective Seal

Our deep rubber bottom seal provides an effective seal against water ingress at the bottom of the door - but only as good as the garage floor.

Superior Automatic Locking System

Deprat locking assemblies with integrated steel reinforcing, offer the best protection against the door being forced open.

Anti-Scuff Locking System

Traditional locking system, but with an added anti friction coating that reduces marks on the inside of the door curtain.

Extra Strong Bottom Lath

Deep extruded aluminium, enhances security if the door, stops it from being forced out of the side guides.

Optimim Lath Thickness

77mm x 19mm, offers one of the most rigid and insulated lath available today.

Abrasion Resistance

PUR/PA* is a two layer lacquer coating applied to profiles at a thickness of 25-30 microns which provides an effective resistance to scratches and marks on the curtain.

Compact or Classic?

Our compact designs are manufactured from 55mm deep lath so only 205mm internal headroom is required for installation.

Our classic doors are manufactured with 77mm lath for additional strength and rigidity or where additonal security may be required.